Food Sustainability

  • Vertical Farming: Educate patrons on how to maximize small spaces for vertical farming to grow fruit and vegetables.
  • Community Gardens: A step-by-step guide on how to start a community garden. Community gardens enable community members to grown their own produce.
  • Lending Seed Library: Libraries can help food insecurity by starting a lending seed library. Libraries loan seeds of all kinds for patrons to plant and grow their own food.
  • Library Farm-to-Table: Helpful information for libraries to manage their own gardens such as rooftop gardens and more.
  • Bookmobile Food Distribution: Ideas on using bookmobiles to distribute food to communities without quality food access.
  • Lending Tool Library: Information on starting a lending tool library so patrons can borrow garden tools at no cost.
  • All of these library programs can be adapted for different communities.